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China's Output Of Pr-Nd Alloy April Updates

In April 2024, domestic Pr-Nd alloy output was 5,866 mt, a month-on-month increase of 2.13%. End-user demand improved steadily after heading into the second quarter, boosting Pr-Nd alloy demand and driving down stocks at alloy producers rapidly. Some alloy producers saw output growth in April. The rare earth market embraced peak season.

Backed by robust orders on hand, magnetic material production is on track to stay high in May. However, profit growth may be lower than expected amid fierce competition. Pr-Nd alloy production is poised to sustain growth in May, driven by strong demand.

On May 6, China Northern Rare Earth (Group) High-Tech announced its listing prices of rare earth products for May, with price hikes for many rare earth products. The listing prices of lanthanum oxide and cerium oxide held the same as in April at 4,100 yuan/mt and 7,600 yuan/mt. The details of PrNd product prices are as below: PrNd oxide at 393,200 yuan/mt (up 7.52% MoM); neodymium oxide at 401,500 yuan/mt (up 7.35% MoM); PrNd alloy at 488,000 yuan/mt (up 7.25% MoM); neodymium metal at 498,000 yuan/mt (up 7.1% MoM).

"Source: Shanghai Metals Market"

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