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The Experts

Professional Support
  • Mr. Cao. YJ
    Mr. Cao. YJ CEO & Chief Engineer
    Over 40 years R&D experience of magnetic materials, former scientist at Chinese academy of science, national science award winner for neodymium magnet research and development.
  • Mr. Wang. YF
    Mr. Wang. YF Production Director
    15 years experience of magnet manufacturing management, in-depth knowledge and expertise of sintered neodymium magnet production.
  • Mr. Liu. Wei
    Mr. Liu. Wei Quality Manager
    20 years experience of quality management in manufacturing, including supplier quality, in-process quality, product testing and final inspection.
  • Mr. Wang. FH
    Mr. Wang. FH Supply Chain Manager
    25 years experience of procurement and planing, deep in sight and extensive practice of up-and-down stream operations in magnet industry.