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Mounting Magnets
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Mounting Magnets

Mounting magnets are comprised of powerful permanent magnets set inside steel cups or channels with countersunk holes or threaded features for holding applications. The steel structure redirects the magnetic field from the back-side of the magnet, making it much more stronger in terms of pull force, and protects the magnetic material from damage during use. Commonly used mounting magnets include Hook Magnets, Threaded Magnets, Countersunk/Counterbore Pot Magnets, Channel Magnets and Rubber Coated Magnets.

Mounting Magnets can double the strength of which you get with the magnet alone, as the steel cup attracting to it is magnetized by the magnet, giving much more pull force. The pull force numbers we list for each product is the force required to pull the mounting magnet straight away from a steel surface.

In fact, how much force a mounting magnet can hold depends on a few factors. When loading the magnet in a different orientation, for example, vertically stuck onto a wall, the weight it can hold up is usually lower than the listed pull force number. Moreover, the friction between the surfaces, the shape of what is being held up, and other factors also contribute to differences of the results.  

Powerful mounting magnets are often used as fishing magnets to retrieve objects that are lost underwater with magnetic parts or steel components. Mounting magnets with different features, such as hook, threaded and countersunk, can be widely used for holding, hanging, and attaching objects in different projects.