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Magnetic Assemblies
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Magnetic Assemblies

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Magnetic assembly incorporates magnet alloy and non-magnet material, usually creating much more magnetic strength than using magnets alone, and achieving certain functional effects which magnets cannot perform independently. Various kinds of magnetic assemblies can be designed and customized to serve a wide range of applications for commercial and industrial use.

Magnetic assemblies are built around high-performance magnetic materials, ranging from a two-piece assembly to a complex one with a precision design. They can be designed with various magnetic materials—Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB), Samarium Cobalt, Alnico, and Ceramic Ferrite. Important considerations for selecting or designing assemblies are holding or break-away force, magnetic field strength, dimensional constraints in terms of volume or mass, operating temperature, environmental tolerance, manufacturing cost and etc. Accumulated knowledge and expertise in magnetic solution validation, prototype construction, and empirical practice is key to delivering satisfying results to our customers. 

Common applications of magnetic assembly include:

- Mounting Magnets

- Magnetic Coupling

- Pump couplings

- Torque and Linear Couplers

- Radial ring splicing assembly

- Halbach Arrays

- Plane rotor assembly

- Laminated magnetic steel assembly

- Magnetic Rotor for Servo Motor

- Dynamically balanced rotors

- High-speed precision rotor assembly

- Linear motor magnetic assembly 

- Voice Coil Motor (VCM) assembly

- Hybrid and electric drive motors

- Automotive sensors, motors or actuators

- Magnetic Module for Wind turbine 

- Oil and gas industry sensors and drive systems

- Eddy current rolls

- Latch assemblies

- Beam focusing assemblies

- Nuclear magnetic resonance assemblies