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Huatai Xinding(Beijing)Metal Materials Co., Ltd.
Who We Are
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Who We Are

Since 1993

Located in Beijing, China, Atech (HTXD) is a professional magnetic material manufacturer, dedicated to serving the magnetic needs of global customers. With 25 years of experience of working with our customers for satisfying magnetic solutions, we have developed unsurpassed corporate strengths in product design, quality control, and customer service. Equipped with state-of-art manufacturing facilities, our factory has an annual production capacity of over 1000 tons.

We provide customized products with varying grades up to highest industry standards. All kinds of shapes, sizes, and coatings can be made to customer requirements. We have customized more than 1000 kinds of magnets with different grades, sizes, and shapes. Our high-performance and custom-made products have been widely used throughout a diverse range of industries.

Over the 25 years, we have established strategic relationships with customers across China and around the globe, including North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Australia, South, and East Asia. We look forward to exploring more exciting business opportunities with our customers in the future!

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Grow With Our Customers

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Customer Profile
32% of our customers: regional leaders ranking top 5 in terms of annual turnover in their industries
26% of our customers: fast growing companies with an annual revenue growth rate of 30% and above
45% of our customers: running business in their current industry field for over 10 years
42% of our customers: continually cooperating with us for magnetic solutions for over 10 years
67% of our customers: trust us to supply over 50% share of their magnetic product purchase