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New Electric Motor for Electric Car
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New Electric Motor for Electric Car

The upcoming 2022 BMW iX not only uses the 5th generation e-drive technology of the German automaker, but also highlights BMW's commitment to sustainable manufacturing. The core of the BMW iX electric flagship SUV is stringent measures to improve sustainability. It covers all stages of production, from selecting raw materials to manufacturing and recycling.

"Technology is driving the progress we need to tackle even the biggest challenges. This applies especially to climate protection," said Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the BMW Management Board. "We have no doubt: to represent a truly outstanding solution, liquidity must be sustainable."

The 2022 BMW iX x drive 50 has two electric motors that can run at up to 500 horsepower and accelerate from zero to 60 mph in less than five seconds. These two motors provide 30% higher power density than previous BMW electric drive units. In the fifth-generation e-drive system, the electric motor, power electronics and gearbox are integrated into a single unit, which saves space to the greatest extent while reducing weight. The electric motor was developed internally by BMW with an efficiency coefficient of 93%. BMW did this without using rare earth minerals in the magnetic parts of the electric motor.

Most electric cars use motors based on permanent magnets, and these magnets are made of rare earth minerals such as dysprosium and neodymium. For BMW, this is unacceptable because both minerals pose environmental and economic concerns due to their geographically restricted supply chains.

The solution is that BMW's electric current excites a synchronous motor, which generates a magnetic field by supplying power from a battery. The power unit can provide peak torque from the beginning, while maintaining maximum tension over a wider speed range without the use of radioactive rare earth minerals. Zipse added: "For the BMW Group, it is impossible to achieve outstanding mobility without responsibility."

At the same time, the latest BMW iX electric SUV has a high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack of 100 kWh, which increases its energy density by 20%. As we all know, lithium-ion batteries contain cobalt and lithium, which are key classified raw materials from "suspicious" sources due to the lack of better terminology. For BMW, sustainability covers every stage of production, including the direct purchase of cobalt before the mineral is delivered to the battery supplier. The automaker stated that through this method, BMW ensures that "environmental and sustainability standards are complied with during the extraction and processing of cobalt, and there is no violation of human rights." On the other hand, BMW purchases lithium directly from Australia.

This comprehensive sustainability approach includes the use of "secondary aluminum" castings (a form of high-grade aluminum recycling) in 50% of the BMW iX chassis and battery housing to reduce CO2 emissions during the manufacturing phase. For the interior, the new BMW iX uses high-quality recycled materials, such as sustainable wood, natural wool fibers, leather treated with olive leaves, and carpets made of synthetic yarns made from discarded fishing nets. In addition, approximately 20% of the thermoplastics in BMW iX are made of recycled plastics, such as door panels, bumper rails and front panel covers, including up to 132 pounds of recycled plastics in total. In addition, the BMW Group Material Laboratory conducts rigorous tests on all recycled components to check for potentially allergic materials.

Dr. Andreas Wendt, a member of the management committee of the BMW Group, responsible for brand procurement and supplier network, said: “We not only transfer the money directly to the supplier network, but also assume the responsibility of the direct supplier. Responsibility." "By doing this, we have leveraged our years of experience and created processes that achieve greater transparency and traceability."

BMW will begin accepting pre-orders for its 2022 BMW ix in June this year, and will deliver the first batch of products in the United States early next year. The current pricing is coming soon, but BMW claims that its starting manufacturer's suggested retail price is approximately US$83,000 to US$85,000. The new BMW iX is equipped with a 100 kWh battery pack, which can provide 300 miles of cruising range, and can use a 200 kW DC fast charging station to charge 10% to 80% of the capacity in 40 minutes.

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