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Rare Earth Product Prices May Fluctuate At High Levels This Week
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Rare Earth Product Prices May Fluctuate At High Levels This Week

Shanghai, March 17 (SMM)-The price of rare earth products rose and fell mixed last week, after the previous week's growth rate has slowed down. The price of rare earth products fell slightly and then stabilized.

Traders' inquiries and shipments increased last week, but the actual transaction volume was limited. Some rare earth miners report that the buying interest of separation plants is weak. Most mainstream rare earth separation plants have retained their cargo. Due to the scarcity of shipments, the quotation is stable compared to the previous week. Some large metal factories are delivering previous orders and there is no spot to sell. The magnetic material factory's inventory is as long as three months and remains to be seen.

In terms of light rare earths, as of Friday, March 12, dysprosium oxide was quoted at 570,000-572,000 yuan/ton, with an average weekly price of 580,400 yuan/ton, down 0.19% from the previous week; praseodymium neodymium alloy was priced at 710,000-720,000 yuan/ton Tons, the weekly average price fell 0.14% to 725,000 yuan/ton. The average price of lanthanum oxide and cerium oxide remained stable compared with the previous week, and the price of cerium mixed rare earth metal continued to rise.

As of March 12, in terms of medium and heavy rare earths, the price of terbium oxide was 9,800-9,900 yuan/kg, and the average weekly price was 0.37% lower than the previous week. The quotation of terbium is RMB 12,600-13,000/ton, with an average weekly price increase of 0.47%; the quotation of dysprosium oxide is RMB 2,980-3,000/kg.

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