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SMM REE Price Forecast
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SMM REE Price Forecast

SHANGHAI, Jan 5 (SMM) - The rare earth prices were steady generally today with upside potential. According to SMM, as of January 5, the mainstream transaction prices of PrNd oxide gained slightly to 718,000-722,000 yuan/mt. The prices of terbium oxide were slightly down to 13,900-13,950 yuan/mt, dysprosium oxide stabilised at 2,490-2,500 yuan/kg and gadolinium oxide inched up to 445,000-450,000 yuan/mt. The prices of holmium oxide also recorded a slight increase to 935,000-945,000 yuan/mt. The mainstream transaction prices of PrNd alloy followed PrNd oxide by rising slightly to 870,000-880,000 yuan/mt. According to SMM research, the separation companies and scrap recycling companies were gradually resuming their production, but the the supply of rare earth was still tight in the spot market. As the overall rare earth prices were on a slight upward path, the downstream magnetic material companies mainly purchased on rigid demand and actively forced down the prices. SMM predicts that the rare earth prices may see a slowdown in increases.

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