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Difference between Bonded NdFeB and Sintered NdFeB
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Difference between Bonded NdFeB and Sintered NdFeB

The output of bonded NdFeB is quite different from that of sintered NdFeB. The main reason is that bonding of NdFeB magnetic properties are weak and the applications are narrow ranged. However, due to its complex shape and precise size advantages, it has gained a certain share in light and small fields such as computers, electronics industry, and office automation equipment, and its proportion is rising. Although the magnetic energy of bonding NdFeB under the current environment is insufficient (the maximum magnetic energy product is 16MGOs), and the disadvantages such as low use temperature are prominent, from the perspective of development prospects, bonding of NdFeB has great room for improvement. First, the bonding of NdFeB started late, and the development technology is relatively immature, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in technology; second, the development of many industries in the future will have a trend of miniaturization, especially electrical products, and bonding of NdFeB will inevitably take the advantage of its small size and precision, and the development of high-performance adhesive NdFeB will become a trend.

Difference between Bonded NdFeB and Sintered NdFeB
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