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How to Increase the Magnetic Force of a Very Strong Magnet?
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How to Increase the Magnetic Force of a Very Strong Magnet?

Magnetism is weakened by the influence of the external environment, such as temperature changes, interference from other magnetic fields or electric fields. Magnets of different materials have different degrees of decline. Metal magnets, what we call very strong magnet, are stronger than ordinary ferrite magnets, because the surface magnetic field strength of metal magnets is greater after magnetization. The surface treatment of very strong magnet is divided into: zinc plating, nickel plating, epoxy plating, gold plating, and black zinc plating. No matter the kind of plating, electroplating engineers must understand the characteristics of neodymium iron boron very strong magnet.

Very strong magnet belong to powder metallurgy and have relatively high surface activity. You must be very assertive when phosphating. Do not damage the surface characteristics of very strong magnet, otherwise the surface of the electroplated product will not be smooth and lubricated. The relevant formulations of electroplated hardware and electroplated magnets are different. Yes, but the electroplating process and equipment are the same. Magnet factories should pay special attention to the negotiation of electroplating supply. The chamfer before electroplating should be at a reasonable angle, a small angle is not easy to be plated, while a large angle will make the scale of the product too small and unacceptable by customers. During the electroplating process, the voltage adjustment should be reasonable, and the temperature of the bath water should also be appropriate. If any part is not completed well, neither the effect of electroplating nor the related salt spray test will meet the requirements.

The method of increasing the magnetic force of a very strong magnet:

1. The simplest way is to magnetize the magnet from the beginning to make it reach a full state.

2. Use magnetic circuit planning to gather the magnetic flux on the yoke and generate a strong magnetic attraction

3. Use the method of gathering the magnetic lines of force and attach a magnet plate to the magnet. The industrial magnet manufacturers will generate a higher magnetic field at the corners and edges of the magnet plate.

4. If the magnetic force is not enough, add an iron piece to the magnet to strengthen the magnetic force.

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