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How much Influence does the Magnet Have on the Mobile Phone?
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How much Influence does the Magnet Have on the Mobile Phone?

Many people will be disturbed by some established thoughts, or consider that some principles are totally right. As the saying goes: If there are too many people talking, people can treat rumors as facts. Many things may not be as simple as you see on the surface. Many people say that magnets are extremely harmful to and even destroy mobile phones. Today let's analyze them.

Powerful magnets do have influence on some functions of the mobile phone, but the influence depends on the magnitude of the magnetic force. Powerful magnets with large magnetic force may disturb the magnetic fields of some electronic components of the mobile phone, thereby magnetizing some of the sensor devices inside the mobile phone. However, if it is a small magnetic field or some magnetic field with a very low rate of change, it will basically not affect the function of the mobile phone.

In addition, some mobile phones are equipped with small magnets inside to realize some important functions. Considering that the influence of magnets on mobile phones is mainly the magnetization of some internal components, leading to some errors in calibration or display functions. But generally the magnetic field we are exposed to in our lives will not have a great impact on the mobile phone. Even if we occasionally touch some environment with a strong magnetic field, which affects the mobile phone, but as long as we leave that environment, the mobile phone will restore its original function. As long as it is not regular contact, it will generally not have a great impact on the mobile phone.

All in all, we should abandon these misunderstandings and fears between magnets and mobile phones. Magnets are not the nemesis of digital appliances in people's words. On the contrary, some electrical equipment can achieve more functions because of magnets.

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