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Influence of Neodymium Magnet Performance on Motor
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Influence of Neodymium Magnet Performance on Motor

Nd-Fe-B magnet is mainly used in permanent magnet DC motor. Different from electromagnetic motor which generates magnetic field through excitation coil, permanent magnet motor generates constant magnetic field source with permanent magnet material. It has many advantages, such as simple structure, convenient maintenance, light weight, small volume, reliable use, less copper consumption, low copper consumption and energy consumption.

Influence of Neodymium Magnet Performance on Motor

Influence of Neodymium magnet performance on motor:

(1) High residual magnetic induction Br. High Br ensures that the motor has a high speed, large output torque and high power. The motor will have higher efficiency.

(2) High Hcb. Because of the high HCB, the electromotive force required by the motor output can be ensured, the working point of the motor is close to the maximum magnetic energy product, and the ability of the magnet can be fully utilized.

(3) High Hcj. High Hcj can ensure that the motor has strong resistance to overload, demagnetization, anti aging and low temperature resistance.

(4) High (BH) max. The higher the (BH) max is, the better the actual operating coefficient of the permanent magnet in the motor.

(5) The larger the magnetic energy Φ, the better, which will greatly improve the working efficiency of the motor.

(6) The better the rectangularity of demagnetization curve is, the smaller the dynamic loss is.

(7) The higher the resistivity of permanent magnet is, the smaller the eddy current loss is.

(8) The temperature coefficient of permanent magnet is small, so it has good temperature stability at high temperature.

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