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How to Magnetize Permanent Magnet NdFeB?
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How to Magnetize Permanent Magnet NdFeB?

Neodymium iron boron permanent magnet is a kind of hard magnetic material, which can maintain magnetism even if it is demagnetized. How to magnetize a magnet? Magnetism refers to magnetizing a magnetic object or enhancing one. The magnetism of a magnetic object is to place the magnetic object in the magnetic field generated by the DC coil. Magnetization is to store energy with a high-voltage capacitor, and then immediately discharge the magnetic coil to generate a large current. The magnetization coil is based on Faraday electromagnetic induction-the law generates a magnetic field. For a long period of time when an external magnetic field is applied, when the magnetizing coil is sufficient to resist the inherent coercive force of the material, the magnetic material itself will generate remanence, and the magnetizing process is over.

Use a magnetizer to magnetize permanent magnets NdFeB, there are mainly thickness direction magnetization, axial magnetization, axial multi-pole magnetization, inner ring radial magnetization, diametrical magnetization, and radial magnetization, etc. . Affected by external energy, such as heating, impact, etc. The direction of the magnetic pitch of each domain will become inconsistent, and the magnetism will weaken or disappear. It will be demagnetized at this time. In order to maintain its original characteristics, it must be made magnetic."

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