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NdFeB Electroplating Process
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NdFeB Electroplating Process

As a rare resource, NdFeB has a wide range of applications. However, due to the particularity of the NdFeB material itself, there is a clear difference between NdFeB electroplating and hardware electroplating.

Even though the NdFeB industry has been developing rapidly for decades, practitioners will find that most of the NdFeB electroplating process is still applying the metal plating process.

NdFeB belongs to the powder metallurgy manufacturing process, and its main components are praseodymium, dysprosium, terbium, iron and other components. Among them, neodymium is an extremely active substance, and dysprosium and terbium are relatively stable. Experienced electroplating technicians will find that NdFeB electroplating with high-performance materials generally has a relatively stable bonding force between the plating layer and the substrate. However, when encountering low-performance materials, the bonding force between the plating layer and the substrate often fails during electroplating. Stability factor.

The main reason is that high-performance materials have high heavy metals (dysprosium, terbium) content, high corrosion resistance, and higher density than low-performance different types of magnetic materials, which is good for electroplating.

NdFeB products will cause certain damage to the surface of the material due to the complicated subsequent processing procedures, need to go through multiple grinding processes, and degumming, which will have a great impact on the subsequent surface treatment.Therefore, products with different material properties, processing technology, and electroplating technology need to be treated differently in order to achieve the best stability.


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