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Neodymium Magnets Innovative Apllication
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Neodymium Magnets Innovative Apllication

I-MAG is a powerful yet compact magnetic stirrer for applications in laboratory and production environments.

In combination with the I-MAG SP set-up frames for large vessels, which are available as accessories, up to 300 liters of water can be mixed efficiently. The wired operating unit (controller) ensures convenient handling and simple integration into e.g. process engineering systems.

The robust drive unit (IP protection class 64) consists of the high-torque and wear-free motor and the magnetic coupling with high-performance neodymium magnets. This enables the effective mixing of viscous media as well as mixing in vessels with a larger distance between the installation surface and the stirring rod (e.g. double-walled containers or vessels with insulated bottoms).

In order to reliably achieve high speeds even under difficult conditions, I-MAG has an adjustable start-up speed that prevents the magnetic stirring bar from breaking off during the acceleration phase. Process reliability is additionally achieved by the integrated detection of the magnetic stirring bar coupling. In the event of a tear-off or failure of the magnetic coupling, the user is informed via the operating unit.

The I-MAG controller has a variety of digital and analog interfaces. Equipped in this way, the device can, for example, be controlled with a foot switch or operating button or can be integrated into a network via USB/LAN/WIFI. With appropriate software (for example labworldsoft® 6), I-MAG can thus be integrated into an automated plant process.

Further features:
Drive with very high IP protection class 64: unrestricted use even under harsh environmental conditions thanks to enclosed stainless steel housing
Electronically controlled motor for very stable speeds even under load for reproducible results
Secure and ergonomic mounting of the controller directly on the vessel or with a stand rod using the I-MAG UHC universal holder (available as accessory)
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