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Precautions for the Use of Very Strong Magnets
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Precautions for the Use of Very Strong Magnets

Precautions for the use of very strong magnets mainly include the following aspects:

1. During the use of very strong magnets, it must ensure that the workplace is clean to prevent small impurities such as iron filings from adsorbing on the surface of the magnet and affecting the normal use of the product.

2. Neodymium magnets are suitable to be stored in a ventilated and dry room. Acidic, alkaline, organic solvents, water, high temperature and humid environments will easily cause the magnets to rust. The coating falls off and then the magnet will be powdered and demagnetized.

More attention should be paid to products that are not electroplated. They can be properly oiled to prevent rust during storage. This is the main reason why we recommend anti-corrosion treatment on the surface of NdFeB magnets.

3. The magnets should be kept away from magnetic disks, magnetic cards, magnetic tapes, computer monitors, watches and other objects sensitive to magnetic fields, as well as electronic medical devices such as cardiac pacemakers, otherwise it is very dangerous.

4. The material of the magnet is hard and brittle. During transportation and installation, it must ensure that the magnet is not severely impacted. If the method is improper, it is easy to cause damage and cracking of the magnet.

5. Magnets should be shielded when transported in a magnetized state, especially in air transportation, they must be completely shielded.

6. When operating and assembling, you must carefully extract them one by one to avoid damage from attraction and collision. And you also need to prevent the flying debris generated by the magnet from attracting and impacting, then entering into the eyes and causing harm to the human body.

7. Since neodymium magnets are quite magnetic, you should avoid your hands or other parts of body from being clamped by the magnet during operation. For larger magnets, you should pay more attention to personal safety and protection.

8. Do not place very strong magnets together with magnets with weak magnetism, especially in the opposite polarity, otherwise the magnets with weak magnetism are easy to demagnetize.

9. Please do not put very strong magnets near where children can reach by hand, so as not to eat by mistake.

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