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Purchase Note for Square Magnets
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Purchase Note for Square Magnets

The square magnet is one of the more conventional magnet shapes and has a wide range of applications. At present, the most commonly used on the market are ferrite square magnets and square neodymium iron boron magnets. They can also be processed into irregular magnets, such as corner cutting, slotting.

Please be careful when buying square magnets, it is necessary to figure out the desired magnetization direction.

There are many magnetization methods for square magnets for sale, which are different from disk magnets. If you are not sure when purchasing a square magnet, it is best to confirm with your company colleagues which side is the use side, because once you make a wrong statement or expression, the magnet will be scrapped and your product may not meet expectations or fundamental unusable, causing immeasurable losses.

There are three magnetization methods for square magnets as below:

1. Thickness magnetization, it is two large surface from up and down sides are ferromagnetic surfaces.

2. Side magnetization means that the left and right sides have strong magnetic force.

3. The end face is magnetized,which means that the end face of the length has a strong magnetic force.

Buyers must pay attention, do not communicate with the supplier on the wrong magnetizing surface, otherwise the magnets will be scrapped for its production.

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