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10 Major Industrial Uses for Magnets
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10 Major Industrial Uses for Magnets

Because magnets have strong magnetic properties, they are used in different electrical appliances and instruments. Magnets are widely used in electronic appliances, different industries, credit cards, household appliances, etc. Chinese magnets are widely used in tools, electrical appliances, industrial and other fields. Permanent magnets have different uses, so when you buy industrial magnets, customize and transport custom magnets as needed. Let's take a quick look at the industrial use of magnets:

The speaker converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The permanent magnets in the speaker are fixed near the moving electromagnet coil. When the current passes, it will cause vibration, and the cone connected to the electromagnet will generate sound waves.

2. Electric car
Permanent magnets are the key components of electric motors. It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, which is the main function of the electric motor.

3. Generator
The generator works on the opposite side of the motor. It uses permanent magnets to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

4. Hard drive
Typically, a hard drive (often called a hard drive) has three permanent magnets. The fixed permanent magnets in the drive are used to move the read/write arm, the small magnet at the end of the read/write arm, and the third permanent magnet in the spindle. The hard drive uses a magnetic storage mechanism to write and store information on a magnetically coated disk called a platter.

5. Magnetic cleaner
It is widely used in the industrial field to reduce maintenance costs and eliminate manual operations at airports, loading docks, and construction sites.

6. Credit card and other ID cards
The black strip of the credit card is called a magnetic stripe. They are used by credit cards to help them work. They are also used for different ID cards.

7. The door of the refrigerator
The refrigerator door uses permanent magnets. In addition to the refrigerator door, the gasket that seals the refrigerator door also has a thin magnetic strip.

8. Tools
A magnet such as a magnetic screwdriver that attracts small screws is also used. Magnets help attract iron and other magnetic products.

9. Car
Hybrid and electric vehicles use powerful permanent magnets. The magnets used in cars are both expensive and in short supply.

10. Jewelry
Permanent magnets are used in different forms. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and some beads are also composed of permanent magnets. The permanent magnets used in the jewellery ensure that the jewellery is fastened.

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