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Wireless Charging Magnetic Material

From the release of the iPhone's three wireless charging mobile phones in the second half of 2017 to the 2018 brand flagship machines equipped with wireless charging technology, wireless charging has become a new hot spot in the mobile phone industry. The outbreak of wireless charging has driven the development of major enterprises in the industry chain. Upstream magnetic materials, chips, equipment suppliers, and downstream module processing and application terminals have benefited. Today, we will introduce you to Beijing Huatai Xinding Metal Materials Co., Ltd., which is one of wireless charging magnetic material supplier.

Beijing Huatai Xinding Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and national high-tech enterprise with 25 years of experience in R&D and production of soft ferrite magnetic materials. The main business is the development and production of soft ferrite core products. The small magnetic ring business used in the network communication industry is a leading domestic industry. It is one of the earliest companies involved in the field of wireless charging in China. Its QI wireless charging magnetic disk and wireless payment NFC magnetic components have been fully recognized and widely used by the industry.

Main products
1. High performance (high magnetic permeability, high DC BIAS permeability, high impedance and low power consumption) soft ferrite core series (Ferrite Core) series.
Products are widely used in network connectors, filters, wireless communications (NFC & RFID) and other fields.

2. Large and small power QI magnetic isolation magnet series (including TX terminal and RX terminal series) with high magnetic permeability, low power consumption and low cost.
Products are widely used in smart watches, mobile phones, automobiles and other well-known brands of wireless charging industry giants at home and abroad.

This is the introduction of domestic well-known magnetic material supplier.

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