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Application of Strong Magnets in Aquarium
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Application of Strong Magnets in Aquarium

In the aquarium, the magnet is also used more. For example, our cylinder wipes are magnetic. Wave making is magnetic. The inside of the pump is magnetic (water pump rotor magnet). The titration tube holder is magnetic. The coral shreds are magnetic. Even the algae feeders are magnetic. In short, magnets play a very important role in the feeding process of our sea tanks.

Common magnets are generally ferrite magnets, and the main raw materials include BaFe12O19 and SrFe12O19. Ferrite magnets are generally manufactured by a ceramic process and have a relatively hard texture and are brittle materials. Since ferrite magnets have good temperature resistance and are relatively inexpensive, they have become the most widely used permanent magnets. However, ferrite magnets also have certain limitations, that is, the shape, size, and distance have a significant influence on its tensile force.

If a ferrite magnet is a popular choice, the neodymium iron boron magnet represented by neodymium cube magnet balls is a higher performance magnet. It has the title of the magnetic king, and the pulling force is quite strong, so we will also call it a powerful magnet. Ferrite magnets are usually black, while neodymium cube magnet balls are silvery white. In addition, NdFeB magnets are much more expensive than ordinary magnets, so there is no extensive ferrite magnet in use.

At present, I have seen many strong magnets used in cylinder brushes or seaweed feeders produced by many manufacturers, namely NdFeB magnets. It is small in size and has a large suction. However, it is very resistant to seawater corrosion. If the seal is not tight, the outcome is often very bad.

Here we teach you how to use magnetic products such as cylinder brushes correctly. When we want to fit the two magnets of the cylinder brush, we should slowly blend from its side. Do not absorb at a vertical angle. This is likely to crush our glass and even pinch our fingers.

When not in use, it is best to fit the back of the cylinder brush or simply separate it. Once you've put the front side together, it's really not that easy to separate. Finally, I would like to remind my friends who have children at home, and never let the children touch the magnet. Often seemingly insignificant placement is fatal for children.

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