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Rubber Magnetic Application
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Rubber Magnetic Application

The rubber coated rare earth magnet is a new type of rubber composite material. Because it has both the magnetic properties of rigid magnets and the flexibility of rubber, it is widely used in the manufacture of magnetic sealing fittings in modern society, such as refrigerator door seals for daily use, automobile windows requiring sealing, other building doors and windows seals and the computer field. Magnetic rubber is processed into rubber magnetic steel, which has light weight and good uniformity, and its effect is superior to traditional sintered magnetic steel. Magnetic rubber can also be used in combination with rubber with good damping properties and different compounding agents to produce high damping magnetic rubber for aerospace, military and civil shock absorption. In terms of health care, magnetic rubber is also widely used, such as processing into magnetic insoles, belts and other health care products. Due to the special compatibility of rubber coated rare earth magnets, it is used more and more widely in various fields.

With the application of rubber magnetism in various fields, its market prospects are broad. For example, in the application of railway transportation systems, the damping material of the rubber coated rare earth magnets can be attached to the side of the rail and the web or steel beam by magnetic suction to reduce vibration and noise. The magnetic composite material is a constrained shock absorbing material laminated with a magnetic rubber layer and a constraining layer. The magnetic rubber layer is filled with ferrite by butyl rubber, and then magnetized as a matrix elastomer, and then bonded to the constrained layer galvanized steel sheet to form a composite. During construction, it is fixed to the steel vibrating body by magnetic suction. Since it is fixed to the steel vibrating body by the magnetic attraction of the magnetic rubber layer, it is shaken by the vibration of the vibrating body. In this way, part of the turbulent energy is converted into the internal energy of the rubber as the rubber deforms. A part is converted into heat energy due to the friction at the interface between the magnetic rubber layer and the vibrating body, thereby achieving a synergistic vibration damping effect. Due to the convenient construction, the material is attached to the side of the railway track or the web or steel beam of the railway bridge, so it is very suitable for the vibration reduction and noise reduction reconstruction of the road section in normal operation.

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