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What Is General Magnet and Strong Magnet ?
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What Is General Magnet and Strong Magnet ?

The magnet that is the ferrite, is the magnet we usually say. Its surface does not require surface treatment and its appearance is black. The black ring magnet that we removed when we were young was a magnetite.

Strong magnet generally refers to rare earth permanent magnets, neodymium iron boron strong magnets (neospheres magnetic balls). Its surface is usually galvanized nickel, and of course there are many coatings. The appearance of nickel plating is similar to the color of a coin we use now.

The difference between the two is appearance, high temperature resistance, and price. If there is not much demand for magnetic force, as long as the cost is low, then you can use the magnetic. Like some packaging, handbags, leather goods and other products, most of them are magnetic. If there is a great demand for magnetic force, then strong magnetism is preferred. The Buck Ball consisting of a strong magnetic neospheres magnetic ball is rich in entertainment and is a highly expandable toy.
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