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Several Countries Start PMSM
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Several Countries Start PMSM

Toshiba Corporation of Japan was the first company to carry out permanent magnet traction research and development project (PMSM). In 2001, it carried out the loading test of the 155kW motor, and also completed the control test of the 360kW motor in 2003. It developed the 355kW motor in 2005 and conducted the vehicle test In 2007.  The company mass-produced fully enclosed PMSM 205kW motor . In 2010, 480kW strong air-cooled PMSM was also developed and used for main line locomotives. In 2012, fully enclosed 120kW motor was mass-produced. In 2018,Renovation of Busan Subway Line #1 in South Korea adopted Toshiba permanent magnet traction system and successfully achieved commercial operation. France Alstom has developed 120kW and 720kW fully enclosed permanent magnet motors, which are used for low-floor trams called Citadis and AGV high-speed EMUs, respectively. Low-floor trams have been applied in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2004. The system was put into commercial operation in Italy's high-speed rail in 2011. In July 2011, the French National Railways ordered 100 new-generation ultra-high-speed TAV trains. The model uses a permanent magnetic traction system and is expected to be fully completed in 2033. Germany's Siemens has developed a direct-drive bogie that incorporates permanent magnet synchronous traction motors. The bogie axle spacing is 1.6 meters, while the traditional bogie axle spacing is 2.5 meters. Siemens and Darmstadt University also developed a shaft-driven direct-drive permanent magnet synchronous traction motor to meet the requirements of ICE3 high-speed trains, and manufactured two 500kW test prototypes. Line operation test shows that compared with the same power asynchronous motor, the damage rate can be reduced by 50%, the weight can be reduced by 30%, and the noise is reduced by 15db. In June 2018, Siemens introduced the Velaro Novo train with a permanent magnet motor traction system. The traction power was increased by 10%, the electric braking power was increased by 70%, the efficiency was increased by 5%, and the comprehensive energy saving of the line test was 30%. It is expected to be put into operation in 2023.
Several countries start PMSM
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