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Strong Adhesive Magnets and the Maintenance
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Strong Adhesive Magnets and the Maintenance

Strong adhesive magnets can be made from materials that are ferromagnetic, such as iron and nickel. Magnet is just a general term, which refers to the magnetic objects that do not necessarily contain iron. The relatively pure metallic form of iron has no strong magnetism of its own, and the magnetism is only produced by approaching to a strong magnet. Other impurities, such as carbon, are added to a strong adhesive magnet to stabilize the magnetism, but this makes the electrons less free and less conductive, so the bulb doesn't light up when current passes through it. Iron is a common magnetic element, but many other elements are more magnetic. For example, many super strong adhesive magnets are a mixture of neodymium, iron and boron.


Strong adhesive magnets are objects or materials that produce magnetic fields. They are usually made of metal alloy and highly magnetic. Traditionally, they can be classified as "permanent magnets" and "non-permanent magnets".


In general, attention should be paid to the indoor environment during the preservation of strong magnets to ensure the indoor air flow. In addition, strong adhesive magnets should not be stored in wet places, and dry storage is necessary. The very strong magnets not only have the request to the working environment, but also have the request to the indoor environment. The indoor ambient temperature should not exceed the working temperature of the magnet. For those products that have not been electroplated, appropriate oil can be applied to achieve the effect of rust prevention. Be sure to space out sensitive magnets when storing magnets, and the storage environment should meet the standards.


When using a strong adhesive magnet, make sure that the magnet is in a very good environment. Now the strong adhesive magnets have a development potential in the market, and the application is very widespread. When the magnet is working, it is the most important to keep the environment neat and clean, because strong adhesive magnets cannot work properly in a relatively poor environment. Strong adhesive magnets cannot absorb the iron filings and micro small particles very well, so they will be very easy to lose magnetism in a poor environment, which will eventually shorten the service life. Therefore, keeping the working environment clean is one of the most important requirements of a strong adhesive magnets.

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