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Four Effective Methods of Separating Strong Square Magnet
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Four Effective Methods of Separating Strong Square Magnet

The biggest advantage of neodymium iron boron strong magnet is its super magnetism. Even relatively small rare earth magnets are difficult to separate. How to separate strong square magnets quickly and effectively has attracted many people's attention. Today let's talk about several methods.

1. Magnet gasket
Separating the magnet relies on some simple principles to create an air gap. According to experience, the stronger the magnet is, the thicker the gasket should be. The strong square magnets produced by Huatai Xinding (Beijing) will add suitable gaskets according to the magnet specifications.

2. Side push
Pushing the magnets sideways means that the magnets are still attracted together and only moved in parallel until they are separated by a certain interval, the magnetic attraction will be greatly reduced, and then the force can be separated.

3. The edge of the table
Stronger magnets need a little leverage to introduce the gap. Use the edge of the table to place the magnets where they are connected, and then carefully push the magnets away. Be sure to quickly separate the magnets and store them far enough away from each other. Avoid jumping to pinch your fingers.

4. Jigs or wedges
Some magnets are difficult to separate and also very dangerous. In order to separate the magnets with a strong pulling force, users usually make non-magnetic auxiliary tools to wedge and pry out the stuck magnets. Wooden jigs and wedges are the most common and useful tools, which are easy to manufacture and customize to the exact size needed. In most cases, two people are required to separate the magnet with a wedge. This is the safest way to ensure that the magnets do not bounce back to each other.

Note: When separating magnets of any size, it is important to avoid pinching, smashing or crushing your fingers. Please wear gloves and goggles during operation.

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