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Advantages of Neodymium Mmagnets Used in Motors
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Advantages of Neodymium Mmagnets Used in Motors

Permanent magnet motors using neodymium iron boron magnets as motor magnets have small size, light weight, high torque-inertia ratio, high servo system response, high power and speed/weight ratio, high starting torque, and energy saving. In addition, there are Samarium-cobalt magnets and permanent ferrites are used as motor magnets.

Motor magnets are mostly tile-shaped, square, circular or trapezoidal, and are used in different motors, such as permanent magnet motors, AC motors, DC motors, servo motors, linear motors, brushless motors, etc.

The demand for motor magnets is huge, and magnets are its core components. In micro and special motors, small and medium motors and large generators, many of them use neodymium iron boron permanent magnet materials. The NdFeB permanent magnet motor has no excitation coil and iron core. In order to achieve the same air gap magnetic field, the volume of the NdFeB magnet is smaller than the original magnetic field pole position, and there is no loss and no heat. Therefore, in order to obtain the same output characteristics, the volume and weight of the whole machine can be reduced a lot, or the output power can be increased a lot with the same volume and weight.

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