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Types and Uses of Magnetic Materials
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Types and Uses of Magnetic Materials

I. Types of magnetic materials: lifting electromagnet, brake electromagnet, traction electromagnet, push-pull electromagnet, frame style electromagnet, tubular type electromagnet, rotary electromagnet, permanent type electromagnet, two-way corner electromagnet, sucker electromagnet, DC wet-type electromagnet for valve, communication wet-type electromagnet for valve, electromagnet for embroidery machine, permanent magnetic chuck, magnetic steel corner electromagnet, automobile electromagnet, rotary electromagnet, flapper electromagnet, valve type electromagnet, electromagnetic systems of active electrical appliances, electromagnetic shaker, and the soft iron, silicon steel sheet, file iron, coat, iron core, coil, rectifier control equipment and electromagnet production equipment used by electric strong magnet. Electric magnetic iron remover, permanent magnet iron remover, magnetic separator, magnetic roller, magnetic screen and other iron removal equipment as well as supporting equipment.

II. Uses of magnetic materials: Magnetic materials are first used in aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, mine, shipbuilding, power electronics, coal, electric tools, transportation, lifting and transshipment, household appliances, motors, locks, textile, game machine, medical devices, fitness devices, office equipment, vending machine, intelligent toys, building materials, chemical engineering, plastic, glass, ceramics, cement, paper, food, feedstuff, water treatment, etc. They are also used in professions such as producers, operators, professional buyers, overseas traders, and occupations relating to universities and research institutes.

III. Uses of different types of magnetic materials: For example, there are mainly NdFeB permanent magnet (a modern strong magnetic permanent magnet that is widely used in various fields, such as electroacoustics, permanent magnet motors, communication, automotive electronics, magnetic machinery, aerospace, etc.), permanent magnet ferrites (mainly used as permanent magnets in electricity meters, generators, telephones, speakers, televisions and microwave equipment, as well as recorders, pickups and speakers), samarium cobalt magnets (capable of operating up to 300 degrees, resistant to corrosion and oxidation and widely used in detectors, generators, radar, instruments and other scientific and technological fields), aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets (high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, mainly used in motors, sensors, medical devices, hand tools, Twitter and various devices), and rubber magnets (classified as isotropic and anisotropic magnets). The weak attraction of isotropic magnets is mainly used in publicity (refrigerator magnets, car stickers, etc.), decorating gifts, refrigerator stickers, toys, teaching materials, etc. The strong attraction of anisotropic magnets can be used for small motors, sensors, magnetic adsorption products, etc.

Understanding the use of different types of magnets is important for businesses, and making full use of the characteristics of different magnets can improve the product performance.

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