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Does Low Temperature Affect Neodymium Magnet Performance?
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Does Low Temperature Affect Neodymium Magnet Performance?

NdFeB magnet is a kind of magnetic material with high remanence, high energy product and high coercivity, also known as magnetic king. Because of its high value for cost, it is widely used in various fields. However, Neodymium magnets are not good at high temperature resistance. Generally, the temperature resistance of ordinary grades of neodymium magnets is about 80 degrees, and the maximum limit is 200 degrees. Exceeding the maximum working temperature will cause irreversible losses to its magnetic properties. So will the low temperature environment of NdFeB magnetic materials have an impact? Is it low temperature resistant? Will it demagnetize in a low temperature environment?

In fact, NdFeB permanent magnets can withstand low temperature. There are basically no effect on the magnet itself in a low temperature environment of minus 60 degrees. The low temperature environment will also increase the paramagnetism of the magnet itself and enhance its own electronic arrangement stability. Magnetic materials are more favorable for their operation in a low temperature environment than in a high temperature environment. Neodymium magnets can also function at a working temperature of minus 130 degrees, but the magnetic direction will move, and the magnetic performance will be reduced by 15%. Moving from a low temperature environment to a high temperature working environment can cause damage to the magnet due to this differential shock of heat.

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