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Magnet Therapy (2)
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Magnet Therapy (2)

Biomagnet power measurement: The power of a biomagnet is measured in Gauss (the line of force per unit area at the pole). The surface of the earth is approximately 0.5 Gauss. Many manufacturers use internal Gaussian and external Gaussian to evaluate the strength of their products to indicate their strength. The following is a typical classification of magnetic intensity: Low Gauss (g) = 300-700 g Middle Gauss = 1000-2500 g Gauss = 3000-6000 g Super Gauss = 7000-12000 g

The surface Gaussian rating also refers to the external strength of the magnet. The measurement depends on the size, shape, polarity and grade of different magnetic materials.

Some experts in biomagnet therapy start to treat with low Gaussian, and gradually increase the intensity when necessary. We recommend that you first consult an expert who is skilled in performing biomagnetic therapy.

Types of biomagnets

There are as many types of biomagnets as there are body parts! Magnetic mattresses and cushions are designed to be sleepable, magnetic insoles can be put into shoes, block magnets can be placed under mattresses, pillows or seat cushions, and even the backrest bracket can provide slots for inserting magnets. Others are made into body wraps with Velcro closures, jewelry and magnetic foil.

Taking care of biomagnets

Most biomagnets are made of ferrite, which is iron oxide mixed with cobalt, nickel, barium and other metals to make ceramic-like materials. The flexible type of magnet is combined with plastic, rubber or other flexible materials. The strongest biomagnet is a magnet made of neodymium (rare earth element). However, just because biomagnets are strong does not mean they are indestructible! When subjected to intense heat (400+Fahrenheit), the magnet will lose all its energy. In addition, do not drop the magnet.

Remember, magnets can damage CDs, computer hard drives, credit cards and other devices with metal components.In conclusion,biomagnets claim to be relatively safe, non-invasive, 100% natural and drug-free. Some manufacturers claim that their magnets work quickly, and even provide guarantees. Many patients report that the use of biomagnets can significantly improve back pain and other diseases. However, there is still a lack of scientific data to verify the efficacy of magnets. Therefore, few medical doctors (MDs) prescribe magnets for the treatment of spinal diseases.


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