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How to Choose the Right Powerful Magnet?
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How to Choose the Right Powerful Magnet?

To buy industrial magnets, you need to choose the right industrial magnet products according to actual needs. Here are the relevant selection factors.

First, the classification of commonly used magnets
1. Ferrite magnets. Due to the low cost of materials, the price of ferrite is very low, and the amount of use is very large. It is mostly used in handbag packaging factories, horn factories and leather goods factories.
2. NdFeB magnets. It is cost effective. Although its amount is not as large as ferrite, it has the highest output value. All walks of life are involved, and our customers are mostly used in magnetic connectors, DC motors, robots, smart homes and other fields.
3. AlNiCo magnets are used more in military products.
4. The cost of samarium cobalt magnets is high. It is only used in some high-end permanent magnet motors.

Second, the size of the common magnet magnetic
1. NdFeB(Neodymium Magnets). The third-generation rare earth permanent magnet product is currently the most powerful magnet material. It is called strong magnet, magnetic king, etc. by foreign industry. The maximum magnetic energy product is 52 mega-Gauss Oersted.
2. Samarium cobalt. Its magnetic force is inferior to neodymium iron boron, and the samarium cobalt magnet can be processed into a special shape. The maximum magnetic energy product is 26 mega-Gauss Oersted.
3. Aluminum nickel cobalt. It is weaker than samarium cobalt, and the maximum magnetic energy product is only 5.4 mega-Gauss Oersted.
4. Ferrite. Ferrite and AlNiCo are both magnetically weak, and the maximum magnetic energy product is only 3.6 M Gauss Oersted.

Third, the common magnet high temperature parameters
1. Aluminum nickel cobalt. It can withstand a working temperature of 500 degrees and is the most resistant to high temperature magnets.
2. Samarium cobalt. It is ideal for working at temperatures between 250 and 350 degrees.
3. Ferrite. Ferrite heat-resistant working temperature is limited to 300 degrees.
4. NdFeB. NdFeB is suitable for operating temperatures from 80 degrees to 230 degrees.

Fourth, if you want to determine a strong magnet of NdFeB, please provide the following parameters.
1. The application of magnets: electro-acoustic industry, electronics industry, magnetic applications.
2. The shape of the magnet: a circular shape, a circular shape, a square shape, a tile shape, an arc shape, or a custom shape.
3. The size of the magnet: length, width, height, diameter, thickness and corresponding tolerances.
4. Magnet plating: galvanized, nickel plated, gold plated, silver plated, epoxy.
5. Magnetic requirements: For example, how many weights it needs to absorb. If you can say the specific performance of the magnet is best.

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