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Industrial Magnet Introduction
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Industrial Magnet Introduction

When we buy industrial magnets, we will encounter various selection problems. This article will introduce the related introduction of industrial magnets.

Industrial magnets are high-strength magnets, and some of their properties make them ideal for industrial applications. Increasingly, high-strength magnets are used in a variety of industries for a variety of tasks, from physical metal lifting and separation to motor activation and magnetic resonance imaging.

Industrial magnet
Different types of industrial magnets are required for different applications. Industrial magnets can be divided into two broad categories: non-permanent and permanent. Non-permanent magnets are electromagnets that require external current to be magnetized or demagnetized. Permanent magnets include ceramic magnets (also known as ferrite magnets), alnico magnets, and rare earth magnets.

Ceramic magnets have lower magnetic forces and are more brittle and easier to break than some other magnets, but they are cost effective and remain magnetic under corrosion and vibration. Rare earth magnets are less costly to manufacture, but are more powerful and more magnetic than ferrite magnets.

Neodymium magnets are the strongest and most commonly used industrial rare earth magnets. Sheet magnets are made of flexible ferrite-plastic composites that are extruded into sheets and used in the automotive and consumer products industries.

There are many different types of magnetic materials that can be used to make industrial magnets. The most important characteristics that magnet manufacturers consider during manufacturing are porosity, ease of fabrication, magnetic retention (or magnetic permanentness) under heat, corrosion and vibration, magnetic field strength and cost.

Industrial permanent magnet
The types of permanent magnets are made of different composite materials with different characteristics and applications. For example, ceramic and alnico magnets are most commonly used for physical lifting and separation. Magnetic tools that perform such work typically include a plurality of magnets in a particular configuration called magnetic components.

It is widely used in metal manufacturing, construction, engineering, automotive, electronics, water treatment and agriculture industries. Curved ceramic magnets are commonly used in electric motors, and most stereo speakers use ceramic magnet disks.

Rare earth magnets and magnet assemblies have stronger magnetic fields than ceramic or AlNiCo magnets and are used in sensitive motors, computer hard drives, television monitors, sensors and medical applications. Electromagnets are used in automotive, medical, metal manufacturing and aerospace industries for solenoid valves, AC and DC motors, biomagnetic separation, beam control, transformers and automotive crushing applications.

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