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The Use Range of Rubber Coated Magnets
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The Use Range of Rubber Coated Magnets

Rubber coated magnet has a rubber coating on the outside, which has excellent durability and high friction, and can stand stably on various surfaces such as glass. The rubber-coated magnet assembly is a magnet system with holes, countersunk heads, eye bolts and hooks that can be used with a range of standard fasteners and accessories.

1. The characteristics of rubber coated magnets

These high-strength, soft-touch rubber coated magnets and components are designed for different fixing/installation applications, such as furniture fixing, retail fixing, hanging artwork, keeping doors and drawers closed, fixing heavy objects (lights, equipment, exhibitions) Fixtures, tools), and other items used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, garages, workstations.

Uncoated NdFeB magnets are easily oxidized. In order to protect NdFeB magnets from corrosion, different coatings can be used.

Nickel-copper-nickel plating is the most common one. However, even with electroplated coatings, it is best to use neodymium iron boron magnets in dry indoor areas.

If you want to use magnets in water or outdoors, rubber-coated magnets are the right choice. They are waterproof and drop-proof.

2. Where can the rubber coated magnet assembly be used?

1. In the office (such as a magnetic whiteboard);

2. Mid- to long-term outdoor use, such as wind power;

3. In a humid environment (such as bathroom);

4. Underwater (for example, use rubber-coated neodymium magnets to accommodate flag holders and power heads in the aquarium).

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