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The world's first permanent magnet motor for shield machine by CRRC Zhuzhou Motor

CRRC Zhuzhou Motor announced that the world's first permanent magnet motor for shield machine was successfully developed and delivered, with a total power of 1056Kw. The diameter of the shield machine is 6 meters, which is 10% more efficient than asynchronous motors. Each working day can save more than 1,000 degrees of power. . Chinese high-speed rail car manufacturers attach great importance to the development and application of rare earth permanent magnet motor traction systems. Changsha Metro Line 1# is the first permanent magnet traction metro line, Beijing Metro Line 8#, Tianjin Metro Line 6#, Ningbo Metro Line 4# The permanent magnet traction technology has been adopted. Judging from the actual progress of the domestic and international rail transit drive systems, the rare earth permanent magnet drive has been successfully applied, basically completed the design, trial production, trial operation for a longer distance, assessment and finalization, small-scale commercial Production, and large-scale production and operation also mentioned the schedule. It is particularly noteworthy that the rare earth permanent magnet materials used have gradually shifted from samarium cobalt magnets to neodymium iron boron magnets.

With the rapid development of high-speed rail cars and rail transportation, the application of rare earth raw materials in this field will have greater development space, and the promising ones are the following.

One is the application of rare-earth nickel-metal hydride materials and batteries. Foreign countries have been developing hybrid power drives for rail transit vehicles. Lithium batteries have been selected for their high specific power (specific capacity). However, rare earth nickel-metal hydride batteries also have many advantages, the most important thing is that they have high safety, which has been proven by many years of use practice, followed by a wide use temperature range of -40 ℃ ~ +50 ℃, can be in the extreme cold Or in tropical areas; rare earth nickel-metal hydride batteries have the characteristics of large battery discharge, which is also worthy of recognition in terms of economics and availability of battery raw materials. Speaking of the low specific capacity of rare-earth nickel-metal hydride batteries, in fact there have been changes over the years. Ailepu rare-earth nickel-metal hydride batteries produced by Sanyo Corporation of Japan have an AA battery capacity of more than 2500 mAh, which is almost double that of earlier products. Even more valuable is that it has a very low self-discharge, and the battery still retains more than 80% of its capacity after two years of storage. If the technology of rare-earth nickel-metal hydride batteries is further improved and optimized, the use of lanthanum-magnesium nickel-based materials such as A2B7 can significantly increase the specific power of rare-earth nickel-metal hydride batteries. Rare earth nickel-metal hydride batteries are used more frequently in PHEVs. Considering that the locomotive has a better ability to bear the weight of the power battery, it can also be tried in the hybrid traction system of the locomotive, especially the capacitor type power battery. If it can promote a large amount of light rare earth that can be backlogged, mainly lanthanum and cerium find more uses, and at the same time produce more hybrid cars, or traction locomotives, subway vehicles, etc., will reduce exhaust emissions and reduce fuel consumption, thereby obtaining Significant economic and environmental benefits.

The second is high-speed rail car and subway equipment. It is a system engineering that integrates a variety of technologies. It is also a useful place for a variety of important structural materials and functional materials. For example, high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloys can be used in important components such as doors, windows, and car bodies; rare-earth luminescent materials can be used in lighting systems; rare-earth display materials can be used in vehicle display screens and signs; various sensors, meters, and actuators also use rare earths Raw materials; all kinds of glass used in vehicles, especially high-end special-purpose glass, can also be treated with rare earths; there are many plastics and engineering plastics on vehicles that can be modified with rare earth additives; rare earth coatings should strive to be used in car bodies; rare earth steel materials You should also find a place to use it. Of course, the most important thing at present is that rare earth permanent magnet materials are used in the drive system. In the future, whether rare earth nickel-metal hydride batteries or capacitive power batteries can be used in hybrid traction locomotives is very worth looking forward to.

The third is to develop the market, cultivate the market, and provide tailored rare earth raw materials for strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing. This is the eternal goal and pursuit of rare earth enterprises and rare earth technology workers. It should be said that this process is still on the way. It is hoped that manufacturers in the upper and middle reaches can provide high-quality rare earth raw materials with high cost performance, good product uniformity, consistency, and good chemical and physical properties for the downstream industry chain. Only in this way can the entire rare earth industry chain be mutually beneficial and win-win. , Grow steadily, and achieve transformation and upgrading and sustainable development.
The world's first permanent magnet motor for shield machine by CRRC Zhuzhou Motor
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