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What You Need to Pay Attention to when Customizing Circle Magnets
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What You Need to Pay Attention to when Customizing Circle Magnets

A circle magnet is a round magnet, which looks nothing special. In fact, once we get into this magnet, we will find that the knowledge is actually quite deep. Round magnets are usually installed on gift boxes, leather goods, etc. They can be used as switches to stick tightly, or as decorative items. Because its application scenarios are different, this will also cause the magnet to have a certain impact when the magnet is customized. Based on this situation, our Huatai Xinding (Beijing) Metal Materials Co., Ltd. will take everyone to discuss it.

When customizing circle magnets, we must understand clearly whether the product requires the magnet to be magnetized radially or axially, because the magnetization in these two directions will affect the magnetic force of the circular magnet in use. If the magnet is used to magnetize the gift box, generally choose axial magnetization, so the surface magnetic force of the round magnet will be relatively large, and the magnetic force will be concentrated. Some round magnets used for decoration will choose to magnetize the square in the radial direction, so when this kind of radial magnetized magnet is customized, it is necessary to communicate clearly with the magnet manufacturer first, what purpose the magnet is required to achieve. Then inform the magnet manufacturer to avoid unnecessary errors in magnet customization due to lack of notification.

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