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What Information Do You Need to Know when Buying Neodymium Magnets
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What Information Do You Need to Know when Buying Neodymium Magnets

Powerful magnet, also known as "NdFeB". Here is mainly to share some knowledge you need to know when buying neodymium magnets.

1. First of all, we need to know how strong the magnet is, so that we can know which brand of strong magnet we need. If I need an object of 500g, then the required magnetic attraction should be around N45.

2. The coating of the strong magnet, the function of the coating is to prevent the magnet from being corroded and unusable. Some magnets may be exposed to the outside, and if they are not coated, their service life will be greatly shortened.

3. Temperature requirements. The temperature of commonly used strong magnets is around 60 degrees, theoretically up to 80 degrees, but the actual temperature will slowly demagnetize when the temperature rises above 60 degrees. Of course, there are also high-temperature-resistant strong magnets, whose temperature can reach up to 220 degrees, but the corresponding magnetic attraction is not particularly high. Its commonly used strong magnet grades are N35-N52. (The higher the grade, the higher the performance, but the higher the price. If you need detailed specifications, you can consult Huatai Xinding Beijing) Metal Materials Co., Ltd., and we will provide you with professional answers.)

4. Quantity, specification shape, tolerance size.

The smaller the quantity, the higher the price; the more complicated the shape and specification, the higher the processing cost; the stricter the tolerance control, the higher the processing cost.

If you want to buy neodymium magnets, we provide customized neodymium magnets for sale of different grades to meet the highest industry standards. Products of various shapes, sizes and coatings can be manufactured according to customer requirements. We have customized more than 1,000 magnets of different grades, sizes and shapes. 

Our high-performance and customized products have been widely used in various industries. Welcome your inquiry!

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