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NdFeB Magnet Specifications
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NdFeB Magnet Specifications

Some purchasing customers may not be familiar with the neodymium cube magnet balls. Customers of custom magnets told our magnet manufacturers that they need suction to reach 10 kg of objects, and then asked for size and thickness. In fact, the customers look down on the magnetic properties of the neodymium cube magnet balls. Although the size of the small magnet is small, the magnetic force can definitely meet the needs of users. The neodymium cube magnet balls are the neodymium iron boron strong magnet. From the name we can know that it is powerful. This power is not as strong as usual. Among the types of magnets, neodymium iron boron is very strong. Therefore, in many cases, there is no need to customize large specifications at all, and generally a small specification design can meet the needs of magnetic force.

Magnet manufacturers are producing NdFeB magnets, and the sizes are generally customized in millimeters (mm). Therefore, general magnet manufacturers mainly use small size (small) magnets. Large-size powerful magnets are usually not in stock and are specially customized. And many magnet manufacturers will not pick up one or two large magnets for customers.

Although the magnet specifications are small, the magnetic force cannot be ignored. Therefore, when customers need to customize the magnet, they must know the size and magnetic force of the magnet they need. In this way, the magnet manufacturer can meet the needs of your production with higher efficiency.

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