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How to Judge the Performance of Ndfeb N35-N52?
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How to Judge the Performance of Ndfeb N35-N52?

Many customers often worry about if the magnet they purchased is an N42 magnet? They wonder that how do they know if it is the real N42 magnet? Or the fake N35 replaced by its magnet supplier? I believe many people are confused about it. Today, Huatai Xinding(Beijing)Metal Materials Co., Ltd. will share with you how to distinguish the performance of magnets to see if the magnets you bought are real or to be deceived.

There are many function for grade of N35-N52 in NdFeB magnets. The most obvious difference between each performance level is the difference in magnetic properties. For example, for products with the same specifications and performance, the higher the grade, the better the magnetic performance of the product. However, NdFeB magnets are surface molecules and active products, so the surface of NdFeB magnets must be electroplated, such as zinc plating, nickel plating, nickel plating copper nickel, epoxy resin, etc.

Under normal circumstances, we do not have any equipment to test the magnetic properties of surrounding products at any time, then how do we judge the product performance of NdFeB magnets? To be precise, the performance of magnet products cannot be judged without any testing equipment.

There is no results can be seen as the appearance of the magnet is the same. Maybe you have found several magnet suppliers, some quoted at 0.28, some quoted at 0.1, which brings up a question: why is it so cheap?

In actual work, we often encounter such of requirements that need us to judge the magnetic performance for the product. If there is a Gauss meter, we can make a rough judgment based on the surface magnetic field of the product. If it is without the instrument, we need to use the unique product itself to judge the magnetic condition.

Firslyt, it can use magnets to attract or repel each other to ensure the magnetic poles of the magnet product, at least to confirm the magnetic poles in a uniform direction.

Secondly, it can feel the magnetic strength of the magnet product through this feeling by moving the two magnets that are attracted to each other.

Thirdly, it can separate the iron object from the wooden board by using a magnet, and then let the magnet slowly leave the wooden board. After seeing the iron object falls from the wooden board, the greater the distance, the stronger the magnetism.

Fourth, if the company allows it, it is best to purchase magnetic testing equipment, such as a Gauss meter or a flux meter to facilitate inspection.

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