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Three Major Neodymium Magnets And The Applications
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Three Major Neodymium Magnets And The Applications

Competitions and Advantages

Sintered NdFeB, bonded NdFeB, and hot pressed NdFeB neodymium magnets can have common application fields, mainly in the micro-motor products, so there is competition among them.

However, the subtle absolute advantages also make them occupy their own unique applications.

The plate and tile shape products of sintered neodymium magnet are easy to manufacture and process, and therefore have cost advantage; the bonded neodymium magnet is good for the manufacture of products with complex shapes;  and the hot-pressed neodymium magnet is more suitable for the manufacture of radial ring magnets of small size and high magnetic performance requirements.

For Procurement

From the perspective of procurement, how to choose among sintered NdFeB,  bonded NdFeB and hot pressed NdFeB?
Cost, performance, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance are major aspects to consider, with the assessment of costs of raw materials, production productivity, and yield rate.
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